Forbidden Desires | Adultery | Book Review


Paulo Coehlo is best known for bewitching the heart, mind and soul of his readers. His gripping words and relatable characters are exactly what made him a best-selling author. His books, especially The Alchemist are well known to have changed people’s lives. Every reader interprets Paulo’s books in their own personal way, which makes them all that unique.

Adultery on the other hand, fails to live up to the mark. In my opinion, it is easily one of Paulo’s least captivating book. His books seem to have made their way to me at a time I needed them the most and therefore left their mark. The same cannot be said in the case of Adultery. The protagonist is absolutely unrelatable and almost obnoxious. The story lacks the usual depth and meaning. Although the final few pages make an attempt to impress, they fail to make up for the rest of the book.

I for one could not relate to the protagonist nor the experiences narrated in the book. Although it was a story about depression, and illicit desires, it teaches the readers to deal with these impulses by acting upon them. Which is a very unhealthy path to take. Although I wouldn’t recommend this particular book to others, I definitely look forward to my next reading experience with Paulo!




A book ahead of it’s time | 1984 | Book Review


Dystopian novels seem to have taken the modern world by storm. The concept of a Utopian-like future dissolved somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century. And trilogies like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent became best sellers. What these books all have in common is their cynical prediction of the Earth’s future. A world where resources will be scarce and personal freedom next to none.

George Orwell predicted a similar glum future over five decades ago with his novel “Nineteen Eighty Four.” The novel, originally written in 1949 tells a story set in the year 1984. In my opinion, this book is no less than pure genius. It introduced numerous concepts which have taken form and predictions that came true in the years that followed. The possible future this book predicts is eerie, dark, even sinister. And what makes is even more terrifying is the realization that the world is well on it’s way to this exact outcome.

I always appreciate a book which gives the reader enough details to recreate an entire world right in their minds. This book certainly does that. It also haunts the reader with a formidable yet very believable tomorrow. It leaves a deep impact on the mind and forces you to mull over what you think you know about power, freedom and peace.

With that, Happy Reading!








Judging A Book By It’s Cover | Lottie Biggs Is Not Mad | Book Review


Anyone who reads books can tell you that it’s pretty much a sin for us bookworms to judge a book by it’s cover. Books can be so much like people. Judging someone based on their looks sets you on the path to disappointment. After all, first impressions are never the last impressions. Similarly, you may set high expectations for a book based on it’s cover illustration and it would probably only lead to regret.

I personally have read dozens and dozens of books, but with the exception of 2 books, (1 of them being Lottie Biggs Is Not Mad by Hayley Long), I have always tried my best not to form an opinion before actually reading a book. I picked up my copy of this particular book at a local book fair. And if you must know, the vibrant, hot pink cover and the doodles are exactly what urged me to buy the book in the first place.


I have to admit. My first impression of this book limited it to being a regular High School story, narrated by a confused teenager who was trying to figure out her place in the world. And although this book is exactly that, it has a few aspects which separates it from the lot. First of all, this book has a very serious undertone. It talks about mental disturbances in a very subtle way and yet it makes you stop to think about how tough life can be for a high school student. Regardless of your age, depression and despair can make way into ones life and can turn into a serious issue if left unattended.

The second aspect which makes this book stand out is without a doubt, the crazy doodles. The book is filled with hand drawn illustrations and is narrated in a way which gives you the illusion of sitting with the narrator in class, exchanging hand written notes with her behind the teacher’s back. I personally loved the book. It’s a light and amusing read which may remind you what it’s like to be a befuddled 15 year old, questioning life.

Happy Reading!


27 Thoughts I Had While Watching Ho Mann Jahaan


Pakistani cinema is finally back on it’s feet and all set to sprint back into the world of cinema. 2016 is without a doubt going to be a big year as far as Lollywood movies are concerned. The year kicked off with Ho Mann Jahaan, a coming-0f-age movie directed by Asim Raza. Starring Mahira Khan (Muneeze), Adeel Hussain (Nadir) and Shehreyar Munawar (Arhaan). The movie received positive reviews and the cinemas are still packed with an eager audience as the film proceeds into it’s 2nd week on the big screen. The acting is commendable, the songs are captivating and the plot is simple yet gripping.

With that being said, the movie did have it’s flaws. Here are some of the thoughts I had during the movie. Now bear in mind, this is one person’s opinion. You are more than welcomed to disagree with me. Warning, this list may contain spoilers!

    1. You can have a water fight in IBA? Instant regret of not going to study there.
    2. Mahira Khan, you are flawless. How are you so flawless?
    3. So how exactly can Shehreyar Munawar afford designer sherwani if he’s poor?
    4. I’m pretty sure Hamza Ali Abbasi was born to play a 70 year old homeless man. What a natural!
    5. Nimra Bucha is the coolest mom in the universe.
    6. Dear Mr.Arshad Mahmud, I know it was your childhood dream to fly in the clouds and watch the sun set over them. You can still do that. Just board a flight. Anywhere.
    7. It does NOT rain in Karachi. Ever. It just doesn’t. Not anymore.
    8. Where did Mahira get all her amazing, ethnic furniture and cushions?
    9. Where is Shakar Wandaan Re?
    10. Someone please give me the address of Sonya Jehan’s amazing restaurant. I’m pretty sure it’s in Narnia.
    11. Also. How is it that the restaurant has absolutely no customers during the first half of the movie?
    12. FAWAD KHAN!!!
    13. Will any of us look half as amazing as Sonya Jehan at the age of 35?
    14. MEERA ANSARI!!
    15. Someone please tell Mahira that no one wears bangles anymore.
    16. STRINGS!!
    17. Is it really that easy for amateurs to make it to Coke Studio?
    18. Where is Shakar Wandaan Re?
    19. So basically hugging a guy in public is okay?
    20. Wait what? I thought Shehreyar was in love with Sonya!
    21. Adeel Hussain, thank you for crying so naturally, like an actual human being.
    23. Who designed these awful wedding invitations?
    24. SYRA YOUSUF!!
    25. Wait what? I thought Shehreyar was in love with Mahira!
    26. I had no idea Syra could dance so well. You go girl!

All jokes aside, this movie is a good, light hearted watch and I would definitely recommend people to go watch it with their friends and family!