27 Thoughts I Had While Watching Ho Mann Jahaan


Pakistani cinema is finally back on it’s feet and all set to sprint back into the world of cinema. 2016 is without a doubt going to be a big year as far as Lollywood movies are concerned. The year kicked off with Ho Mann Jahaan, a coming-0f-age movie directed by Asim Raza. Starring Mahira Khan (Muneeze), Adeel Hussain (Nadir) and Shehreyar Munawar (Arhaan). The movie received positive reviews and the cinemas are still packed with an eager audience as the film proceeds into it’s 2nd week on the big screen. The acting is commendable, the songs are captivating and the plot is simple yet gripping.

With that being said, the movie did have it’s flaws. Here are some of the thoughts I had during the movie. Now bear in mind, this is one person’s opinion. You are more than welcomed to disagree with me. Warning, this list may contain spoilers!

    1. You can have a water fight in IBA? Instant regret of not going to study there.
    2. Mahira Khan, you are flawless. How are you so flawless?
    3. So how exactly can Shehreyar Munawar afford designer sherwani if he’s poor?
    4. I’m pretty sure Hamza Ali Abbasi was born to play a 70 year old homeless man. What a natural!
    5. Nimra Bucha is the coolest mom in the universe.
    6. Dear Mr.Arshad Mahmud, I know it was your childhood dream to fly in the clouds and watch the sun set over them. You can still do that. Just board a flight. Anywhere.
    7. It does NOT rain in Karachi. Ever. It just doesn’t. Not anymore.
    8. Where did Mahira get all her amazing, ethnic furniture and cushions?
    9. Where is Shakar Wandaan Re?
    10. Someone please give me the address of Sonya Jehan’s amazing restaurant. I’m pretty sure it’s in Narnia.
    11. Also. How is it that the restaurant has absolutely no customers during the first half of the movie?
    12. FAWAD KHAN!!!
    13. Will any of us look half as amazing as Sonya Jehan at the age of 35?
    14. MEERA ANSARI!!
    15. Someone please tell Mahira that no one wears bangles anymore.
    16. STRINGS!!
    17. Is it really that easy for amateurs to make it to Coke Studio?
    18. Where is Shakar Wandaan Re?
    19. So basically hugging a guy in public is okay?
    20. Wait what? I thought Shehreyar was in love with Sonya!
    21. Adeel Hussain, thank you for crying so naturally, like an actual human being.
    23. Who designed these awful wedding invitations?
    24. SYRA YOUSUF!!
    25. Wait what? I thought Shehreyar was in love with Mahira!
    26. I had no idea Syra could dance so well. You go girl!

All jokes aside, this movie is a good, light hearted watch and I would definitely recommend people to go watch it with their friends and family!




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