A book ahead of it’s time | 1984 | Book Review


Dystopian novels seem to have taken the modern world by storm. The concept of a Utopian-like future dissolved somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century. And trilogies like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent became best sellers. What these books all have in common is their cynical prediction of the Earth’s future. A world where resources will be scarce and personal freedom next to none.

George Orwell predicted a similar glum future over five decades ago with his novel “Nineteen Eighty Four.” The novel, originally written in 1949 tells a story set in the year 1984. In my opinion, this book is no less than pure genius. It introduced numerous concepts which have taken form and predictions that came true in the years that followed. The possible future this book predicts is eerie, dark, even sinister. And what makes is even more terrifying is the realization that the world is well on it’s way to this exact outcome.

I always appreciate a book which gives the reader enough details to recreate an entire world right in their minds. This book certainly does that. It also haunts the reader with a formidable yet very believable tomorrow. It leaves a deep impact on the mind and forces you to mull over what you think you know about power, freedom and peace.

With that, Happy Reading!









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