Forbidden Desires | Adultery | Book Review


Paulo Coehlo is best known for bewitching the heart, mind and soul of his readers. His gripping words and relatable characters are exactly what made him a best-selling author. His books, especially The Alchemist are well known to have changed people’s lives. Every reader interprets Paulo’s books in their own personal way, which makes them all that unique.

Adultery on the other hand, fails to live up to the mark. In my opinion, it is easily one of Paulo’s least captivating book. His books seem to have made their way to me at a time I needed them the most and therefore left their mark. The same cannot be said in the case of Adultery. The protagonist is absolutely unrelatable and almost obnoxious. The story lacks the usual depth and meaning. Although the final few pages make an attempt to impress, they fail to make up for the rest of the book.

I for one could not relate to the protagonist nor the experiences narrated in the book. Although it was a story about depression, and illicit desires, it teaches the readers to deal with these impulses by acting upon them. Which is a very unhealthy path to take. Although I wouldn’t recommend this particular book to others, I definitely look forward to my next reading experience with Paulo!




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