Owl Post | Magical. Monthly. Reads| Review

Are you an incurable bookworm? Do you live in Pakistan? Do you like surprises? Well look no further! Pakistan’s very first (bookish) subscription box is here!

I discovered Owl Post on Instagram. And as soon as I read the word book in the description, I knew this was something I was getting no matter how broke I was! I pre-registered myself for their very first subscription box and eagerly waited. And soon enough, a package of happiness arrived on my doorstep!

TA DAA! Isn’t it beautiful? I was absolutely giddy with joy as I carefully attempted to un-box everything.

OwlPost (1)

An old school seal? 10 points to Gryffindor!!

OwlPost (10)

I instantly knew that I was not going to be disappointed!!! SO MANY goodies!!

OwlPost (6)

Based on the theme of Mystery, the first goodie was this gorgeous Sherlock notebook! 100 points to Gryffindor!!

OwlPost (11)

Just when I thought a Sherlock notebook was good, I spotted this Sherlock cookie!! Om nom nom! 500 points to Gryffindor!!

OwlPost (3)

A photo frame, an extremely cool bookmark, a other small trinkets followed. And then….

OwlPost (12)

The big reveal!!! The BOOK chosen by Owl Post for their March box is  He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker.

OwlPost (2)

I was a little disappointed to receive a pirated copy. But in light of the cost of the subscription box, I guess it made sense.

This adorable message awaited me at the bottom of the box.

OwlPost (5)

Am I subscribing to the next box by Owl Post? Well, not only have I already subscribed for the April box, I’ve also turned on the auto renewal option and branded myself as a loyal customer! I love books. Truly, deeply and madly. For me, anything remotely related to books is worth spending money on. Was this subscription box worth it’s cost? It was worth much more!! I also loved the fact that each goodie was provided by a different company, which helped bring out many talented people into the eye of the public.

The only issue I had was the overpowering smell of the box, which I’m guessing was caused by the printing ink on the box. Other than that, the cookie was a little stale and it crumbled all over the other goodies. So I wouldn’t recommend an edible goodie in the next subscription box!

Other than that, absolute perfection! I’ve already advertised about their service to everyone I know. So if you too are a bookworm, go subscribe NOW! You shall not be disappointed!

Happy Reading!




One thought on “Owl Post | Magical. Monthly. Reads| Review

  1. sadiyazhar says:

    Edibles are fine as soon as they are carefully separately packed to avoid the mess. That’s how surprise mail boxes supposed to be. So the overall idea is new in Pakistan and would be welcomed by a lot of book lovers. In fact I was thinking to subscribe too but I had reservations about the book which they’d end up delivering.

    I totally loved your post and the overall stuff which came along, but really I’d not appreciate a pirated copy. That’s a turn off tbh. In fact, taking a look at your book, it doesn’t even look like a new pirated one (if that makes sense). Also, I am not sure If I’d love the surprise element about the book which they pick up. So that’s one thing which is keeping me off from subscribing to Owl Post. :/



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