Read At Your Own Risk | Karachi You’re Killing Me! | Book Review


When it first came out, every Karachiite with even the smallest knack for reading, was positively desperate to get their hands on this book. After all, who doesn’t want to read a book based in their beloved city? I too picked up a copy began reading with anticipation.

SO MUCH REGRET. I couldn’t help but ask, HOW? HOW in the world was this book allowed to be published?

It was poorly written. The plot was weak. In fact, the entire book was like sitting through a painfully long Bollywood movie. There were a couple of inaccurate facts in the story. Not to mention, it was absolutely vulgar. It pains me to think about the perverted image this book has portrayed throughout the world, about not just the city of  Karachi, but it’s women as well. Because I’m sorry, but the last time I checked, smoking and drinking in front of your father was rather frowned upon in Karachi. Not to mention, I thought Karachiite girls possessed more self-restraint and wouldn’t sleep with the first foreign guy they saw.

For those of you who say that these kinds of things actually do happen in Karachi, let me tell you. They do happen, but they happen so brazenly in the bare 5% population of the city which cannot possibly constitute the image of the entire city. If anything, it makes me question the kind of environment the author has grown up in. Also, I refuse to allow anyone who doesn’t even live in Karachi to write trash about it.

And to top it off, the book will soon be adapted into a movie by Bollywood of course. Great! Time to show the entire world how pathetic and vulgar Pakistanis are.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to my worst enemy.

Pls. Seriously. Don’t read it.




My New Favorite Book | The Night Circus | Book Review


“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”

Have you ever fallen in love with a book? Treasured every single minute you’ve spent reading it? And then felt heartbroken when it ends? Those are my exact sentiments about this particular book. I had looked around for it for the better part of a year but it was always out of stock. And yet somehow I found it just when I had stopped looking for it. How magical is that?

I fell headfirst in love with everything about this book! The plot was magical, the characters enchanting and the writing was phenomenal. It was so well written, that all the while I felt as if I were watching a movie and not reading a book. Oh and speaking of movie, I’m over the moon to know that this book is being turned into a movie in the near future!! *Breathing intensifies*

I’m not going to spoil this book for anyone by talking about the plot. But I will strongly urge everyone to READ.IT.FOR.THEMSELVES. But I will share my favorite quote out of the book!

“You’re in the right place at the right time, and you care enough to do what needs to be done. Sometimes that’s enough.”



Owl Post | MY HOGWARTS LETTER | April Box

I did my waiting!!! 12 years of it!!!

Owl Post has granted my wish! I FINALLY GOT MY HOGWART’S LETTER !!!


If you’re a bookworm, you’re probably a Potterhead. And if you’re a Potterhead, you’ve probably been waiting for your Hogwarts Letter since you were 11. Let me tell you, you weren’t the only one! Alas, us poor unfortunate (possibly muggle) souls never received our letter!

But Owl Post has changed that!! This April, their “Magic” themed box brought us the best surprise of all! Our very own Hogwarts letter!

The box arrived at my doorstep and I immediately knew that I was in for yet another magical, mystery ride!


G’aww! What an adorable bunch of illustrations! Anything done Harry Potter style just can’t go wrong now can it?



Makes you want to weep with joy doesn’t it? Trust me, you will!

More cute illustrations! So as you can guess, this month’s theme was all about magic and the desert!


So we begin with these super awesome badges!


Followed by this adorable Harry Potter key chain!

Not far behind, this gorgeous dream catcher!


And also, this awesome awesome 1/8 necklace!! Mine says “I feel about you makes my heart lone to be free.”


This month’s book happens to be “Rebel of the Sands” by “Alwyn Hamilton”. 


And last. But oh.most.definitely not the least.

Owl Post blessed us with our very own Hogwarts letter!! EEEEEEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!


In light of recent events, Owl Post vanished off the face of the earth. I have absolutely nothing to say on the subject but this. Am I shocked that this happened? No I’m not. Am I upset that we will no longer have a book subscription in Pakistan? Yes I am.

I do hope that Owl post comes back after they work out all of the issues and have rectified their mistakes!



Go Set A Watchman | Book Review


As you can probably tell, my copy of To Kill A Mockingbird is quite old and faded. I read this book over 8 years ago and it was literally the first ever Classic that I had gotten my hands on. It’s been a long time, but till this day, I can describe this book in one word. Mesmerizing. Because even at the age of 15, this book taught me so much!

I wish I could say the same for it’s sequel. Which came out 55 years later, when people least expected it to. In my opinion, the original story never required a sequel, but in light of the turns which society has taken since then, a follow up is probably something the author deemed necessary.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. It’s no where near as deep and thought provoking as the prequel, but it poses a strong argument in itself. The general opinion was that Watchman tainted Atticus’s character. But wasn’t that the whole idea? Lee succeeds in making a very significant point. That in the end, people are people. They evolve and shape with time which leads to the evolution and molding of society itself.

I found the flashbacks in the story rather tedious and Jean Louis quite a bit annoying. So if you ask me, To Kill A Mockingbird will probably outlive it’s sequel in the years that follow.