Owl Post | I Can’t Even! | May Box

Snapchat-3369422008075602870.jpgJust when I thought Owl Post couldn’t be any more magical than it already is, they proved me wrong!

I bought and loved the March and April boxes! The bookstagrammer in me was thrilled by the opportunity of reviewing the next big thing among st the bookworm community of Pakistan. Which also led to the crafter in me, wanting more. One of the best things about Owl Post is their undying support and promotion of small local businesses. Being the owner of one myself, I can tell you the wonders such vast exposure can lead to. So without further ado, here’s my review for the May box and a revelation of the incredible part I got to play in it.


That’s right folks! I got me some fairy lights! Prepare to find them in every single one of my blog post from now on!

Is it just me or are the fairy lights making the entire box seem ten times more magical!? And I haven’t even broken the seal yet!!


Voila!! Yet another beautiful box I can’t wait to bury my face into!

Absolutely loving how Owl Post is improving their graphics! The description card also seemed of better quality and glossier than before!



Well hello there! Do you see it?? Do you?? That’s my name!! Right there!!!! THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS!! I HAD THE INCREDIBLE HONOR OF COLLABORATING WITH OWL POST THIS MONTH!!





*Deep breath*

Okay now we must move on to the other amazing goodies the May box had to offer!!


So we begin with this ADORABLE felt Owlie! I could just eat him upppp!



Moving on to this incredibly BEAUTIFUL bookmark! Black and gold! My ultimate favorite color combination! I immediately shoved this glorious book mark inside my current read.



I absolutely loved loved loved these loose notes!! These are the perfect gift for someone like me who is against highlighting quotes with hi-lighters and too old school for saving them in my phone.



MORE Owl Post stickers? Bigger? Various colors? UMM YES PLEASE!! I slapped these onto my laptop, the first chance I got.



LOOK AT THIS GLORIOUS POSTER!! I love how every item in the box followed the theme so perfectly. The fonts used on the goodies were all similar which made all of them appear visually connected.

Last, but SO SO NOT THE LEAST!!!



THIS BOOK!!! The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

For everyone who was bothered by the pirated books, behold! Owl Post has rectified their error and are here with an original book this month. I was never bothered by the quality of the books before, but I can’t help but admit that the original books, feel, look and smell TEN TIMES MORE AMAZING!



THIS new addition though! Going up on my cover photo soon!


Keeping the obvious reasons aside, I was extremely happy to see Owl Post back on their feet with in a day of the controversy which they were dragged into. They came back with a bang! I love how they are promoting themselves through Owl Post’s Army! Oh how I wish I could make the cut!


So I’m already subscribed to the June box! Simply can’t wait to get my hands on it! Until then my fellow bookworms, happy reading!

Yours nerdily,



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