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So as many of you Whovians (and non-Whovians) have probably heard by now, the 13th Doctor is going to be played by a WOMAN!!! Aka, Jodie Whittaker.

Que in the drama. Lay back with popcorn and enjoy the comment wars on social media!

Okay so yeah, the part of the Doctor has been played only by MEN for the past 50 or so years. And maybe it was an obvious choice to go with a male actor for the 13th (and presumably last Doctor). But that’s not what happened. They picked a female. Uh oh. 

Ever since it was announced that Season 10 would be Capaldi’s last season as the 12th Doctor, speculations began. A LOT of people wanted the 13th (and final?) Doctor to be a woman. Because Feminism and shit. So why is it that when the creators finally announced the next Doctor to be a woman, all hell broke lose. I’ve been through hundreds of comments and tweets. And from the looks of it, some of the Whovians are raging mad because how dare they destroy a character by changing it’s gender. And some broke out confetti because a small step for Doctor Who but a giant leap for Feminism and shit. 

I think there’s more to it. So. Here are the 3 type of reactions which I think Whovians had to this news.

1) Why u do dis? Whovians:

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These Whovians are the pitchfork yielding fans who are outraged. They simply refuse to accept Jodie as their 13th Doctor. Because how dare BBC destroy the legacy of the Doctor by casting a woman for the role? I read so many comments saying that Capaldi’s departure was it for them and that the seasons with Jodie wouldn’t count as a part of Doctor Who.

Well okay then.

2) Feminist Whovians


So most of the fans who wanted the 13th Doctor to be a Time Lady, only wanted so in the name of Feminism. According to them, it was absolutely unfair that a man was playing this character for the past 50 years. And ever since it was announced, that there was the possibility of the 13th Doctor being the last, they became ever so persistent for it to be a woman. So one can imagine their pride in finally making the writers cave in to their demand.

3) Reasonable Whovians


Then there are some Whovians, who would like to base their opinion on facts and references from the show. Of course, it was never stated that Time Lords cannot regenerate into the other gender. *Insert Missy and The Master reference* So why is the Doctor to be any different? These Whovians may or may not be completely sure about the massive change either, but they would like to give Jodie a try!

Personally, I always thought that I would be the Why u do dis? type of Whovian because the very idea of the Doctor being played by a NOT MAN seemed ridiculous to me. But turns out, I’m actually very excited to see the Doctor being played by a woman!!! And here’s why I feel this way.

As a Whovian you have probably experienced the heart-wrenching emotion that comes with every regeneration. And the tiny hatred period that goes on with every new face that plays the Doctor. For me Doctor Who has been all about the love hate emotion that comes with accepting a new Doctor, falling in love with them and then sending them off with a broken heart. Each actor brings something new to the character and no matter how long it takes, you end up loving them.


So why would a woman playing the role be any different? I’m pretty sure Jodie is going to be an amazing Doctor and I wish her all the best!

I cannot WAIT for the next season. And I’m hoping the new companion to be a guy. 😀

Happy Doctor Who Hiatus!


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