About Me

Hello stranger!

It’s nice to meet you! My name is Maham Zafar and I’m a 24 year old introvert, trapped in my own little bubble. I’m a Textile Designer by profession. But a writer, bookworm, movie fanatic and a dreamer by heart.

I am a friendly but extremely shy human being (panda in disguise.) And I’ve got a lot to say but I prefer not to say it out loud. I absolutely LOVE writing down the crazy thoughts and ideas that pop into my mind on an hourly basis. So you can expect multiple levels of crazy, random conversations from me. From book reviews and makeup hauls. To DIYs and late-night-rants. From movie critiques and artsy rampages. To sarcastic humor to secret confessions. Expect anything and everything from me!

Stay happy and stay tuned!


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