Go Set A Watchman | Book Review


As you can probably tell, my copy of To Kill A Mockingbird is quite old and faded. I read this book over 8 years ago and it was literally the first ever Classic that I had gotten my hands on. It’s been a long time, but till this day, I can describe this book in one word. Mesmerizing. Because even at the age of 15, this book taught me so much!

I wish I could say the same for it’s sequel. Which came out 55 years later, when people least expected it to. In my opinion, the original story never required a sequel, but in light of the turns which society has taken since then, a follow up is probably something the author deemed necessary.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. It’s no where near as deep and thought provoking as the prequel, but it poses a strong argument in itself. The general opinion was that Watchman tainted Atticus’s character. But wasn’t that the whole idea? Lee succeeds in making a very significant point. That in the end, people are people. They evolve and shape with time which leads to the evolution and molding of society itself.

I found the flashbacks in the story rather tedious and Jean Louis quite a bit annoying. So if you ask me, To Kill A Mockingbird will probably outlive it’s sequel in the years that follow.

Owl Post | Magical. Monthly. Reads| Review


Are you an incurable bookworm? Do you live in Pakistan? Do you like surprises? Well look no further! Pakistan’s very first (bookish) subscription box is here!

I discovered Owl Post on Instagram. And as soon as I read the word book in the description, I knew this was something I was getting no matter how broke I was! I pre-registered myself for their very first subscription box and eagerly waited. And soon enough, a package of happiness arrived on my doorstep!

OwlPost (1)

TA DAA! Isn’t it beautiful? I was absolutely giddy with joy as I carefully attempted to un-box everything.

OwlPost (10)

An old school seal? 10 points to Gryffindor!!

OwlPost (6)

I instantly knew that I was not going to be disappointed!!! SO MANY goodies!!

OwlPost (11)

Based on the theme of Mystery, the first goodie was this gorgeous Sherlock notebook! 100 points to Gryffindor!!

OwlPost (3)

Just when I thought a Sherlock notebook was good, I spotted this Sherlock cookie!! Om nom nom! 500 points to Gryffindor!!

OwlPost (7)OwlPost (9)OwlPost (12)OwlPost (15)

A photo frame, an extremely cool bookmark, a other small trinkets followed. And then….

OwlPost (8)

The big reveal!!! The BOOK chosen by Owl Post for their March box is  He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker.

OwlPost (2)

I was a little disappointed to receive a pirated copy. But in light of the cost of the subscription box, I guess it made sense.

OwlPost (5)

This adorable message awaited me at the bottom of the box.

Am I subscribing to the next box by Owl Post? Well, not only have I already subscribed for the April box, I’ve also turned on the auto renewal option and branded myself as a loyal customer! I love books. Truly, deeply and madly. For me, anything remotely related to books is worth spending money on. Was this subscription box worth it’s cost? It was worth much more!! I also loved the fact that each goodie was provided by a different company, which helped bring out many talented people into the eye of the public.

The only issue I had was the overpowering smell of the box, which I’m guessing was caused by the printing ink on the box. Other than that, the cookie was a little stale and it crumbled all over the other goodies. So I wouldn’t recommend an edible goodie in the next subscription box!

Other than that, absolute perfection! I’ve already advertised about their service to everyone I know. So if you too are a bookworm, go subscribe NOW! You shall not be disappointed!

Happy Reading!



The New Young Adult Wonder | Eleanor and Park | Book Review


Despite being a 23 year old, I relish my share of Young Adult fiction every now and then. Having had the John Green fever, I had been wondering what was so special about Rainbow Rowell. Because her books seem to be best sellers at every book store I went to.  And so I finally picked up Eleanor and Park.

I usually like to slowly devour my books. But this book was one of the few I read in a mere two days. It was that good. Let’s break it down, shall we?  It’s a pretty standard “Boy meets Girl” plot. But there are many things that make it stand out. Firstly, the diverse characters were a breath of fresh air. They made the story all that life-like. Because let’s face it. We’ve all grown rather tedious of the love stories between the head cheerleader and captain of the football team.

Although there’s nothing out of the ordinary about Rowell’s writing style, the way she treats her characters is commendable. During certain moments, the relationship between Eleanor and Park seems rather extreme. Which is why, the mention of Romeo and Juliet in the story is absolute genius. It reminds the reader that love can be unreasonable and extreme even if it’s between a pair of 17 year olds.

The conclusion of the story isn’t a happy one, but it is hopeful. Because Rowell leaves it to the reader to assume whatever ending they desire. She ends the story with a question. What can those three words be?

The Book is Always Better | The Shining | Book Review



I bet all book lovers out there can agree with me when I say that the book is always better than the movie. Because of course it is. The lack of detail isn’t what bothers me. But the redundant changes in the original plot are what set my teeth on edge. I just have one question. WHY?

The Shining is the first ever novel by Stephan King that I got the chance to read. I watched the movie a while back and it, without a doubt, gave me a good scare. The novel on the other end, despite being only words, was much more terrifying.  Did I want to stick it inside the freezer at some point? (Reference from Friends) Yes I did!

Being a sucker for the horror genre, I had my doubts about whether a book could make me afraid of the dark. The Shining certainly did. It was exceptionally well written and the plot was perfectly paced. It neither ran too fast, like the movie. Nor was it slow or tedious. I absolutely loved how smoothly the story was told, making it easily believable. Stephan King provided the perfect amount of details and insight into the minds of the characters letting the readers know exactly what was happening. I look forward to reading more books by this brilliant author.

Forbidden Desires | Adultery | Book Review


Paulo Coehlo is best known for bewitching the heart, mind and soul of his readers. His gripping words and relatable characters are exactly what made him a best-selling author. His books, especially The Alchemist are well known to have changed people’s lives. Every reader interprets Paulo’s books in their own personal way, which makes them all that unique.

Adultery on the other hand, fails to live up to the mark. In my opinion, it is easily one of Paulo’s least captivating book. His books seem to have made their way to me at a time I needed them the most and therefore left their mark. The same cannot be said in the case of Adultery. The protagonist is absolutely unrelatable and almost obnoxious. The story lacks the usual depth and meaning. Although the final few pages make an attempt to impress, they fail to make up for the rest of the book.

I for one could not relate to the protagonist nor the experiences narrated in the book. Although it was a story about depression, and illicit desires, it teaches the readers to deal with these impulses by acting upon them. Which is a very unhealthy path to take. Although I wouldn’t recommend this particular book to others, I definitely look forward to my next reading experience with Paulo!

A book ahead of it’s time | 1984 | Book Review


Dystopian novels seem to have taken the modern world by storm. The concept of a Utopian-like future dissolved somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century. And trilogies like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent became best sellers. What these books all have in common is their cynical prediction of the Earth’s future. A world where resources will be scarce and personal freedom next to none.

George Orwell predicted a similar glum future over five decades ago with his novel “Nineteen Eighty Four.” The novel, originally written in 1949 tells a story set in the year 1984. In my opinion, this book is no less than pure genius. It introduced numerous concepts which have taken form and predictions that came true in the years that followed. The possible future this book predicts is eerie, dark, even sinister. And what makes is even more terrifying is the realization that the world is well on it’s way to this exact outcome.

I always appreciate a book which gives the reader enough details to recreate an entire world right in their minds. This book certainly does that. It also haunts the reader with a formidable yet very believable tomorrow. It leaves a deep impact on the mind and forces you to mull over what you think you know about power, freedom and peace.

Judging A Book By It’s Cover | Lottie Biggs Is Not Mad | Book Review


Anyone who reads books can tell you that it’s pretty much a sin for us bookworms to judge a book by it’s cover. Books can be so much like people. Judging someone based on their looks sets you on the path to disappointment. After all, first impressions are never the last impressions. Similarly, you may set high expectations for a book based on it’s cover illustration and it would probably only lead to regret.

I personally have read dozens and dozens of books, but with the exception of 2 books, (1 of them being Lottie Biggs Is Not Mad by Hayley Long), I have always tried my best not to form an opinion before actually reading a book. I picked up my copy of this particular book at a local book fair. And if you must know, the vibrant, hot pink cover and the doodles are exactly what urged me to buy the book in the first place.


I have to admit. My first impression of this book limited it to being a regular High School story, narrated by a confused teenager who was trying to figure out her place in the world. And although this book is exactly that, it has a few aspects which separates it from the lot. First of all, this book has a very serious undertone. It talks about mental disturbances in a very subtle way and yet it makes you stop to think about how tough life can be for a high school student. Regardless of your age, depression and despair can make way into ones life and can turn into a serious issue if left unattended.

The second aspect which makes this book stand out is without a doubt, the crazy doodles. The book is filled with hand drawn illustrations and is narrated in a way which gives you the illusion of sitting with the narrator in class, exchanging hand written notes with her behind the teacher’s back. I personally loved the book. It’s a light and amusing read which may remind you what it’s like to be a befuddled 15 year old, questioning life.

Happy Reading!